What Can We Expect From the Horizontech Binaries TH6000 Disposable Vapes? Elf Bar

Many hours of vaping and quite a few recharges of the integrated 650mAh battery! The clue is in the title. We get a massive 6,000 puffs – supported by 12ml of 50VG/50PG E-liquid. The Binaries TH6000 does have another interesting trick up its sleeve to offset the bulky appearance, though.

Elf bar

Design & Build Quality

It’s not so much the height and depth of the Elf bar disposable that throws me. With a width of 32mm it bares more resemblance to a basic starter pod kit.

It’s made from an extremely lightweight Plastic with curves and serrations across the main shell.

If I’m honest, it has to be one of the ugliest looking disposables I’ve ever eyeballed. For some reason it looks like it’s designed to split in half and the mouth piece looks hideous.

I understand that sacrifices have to be made to include 12ml of E-liquid but I’m just not a fan of the design. It looks cheap and something of a magnet to very young, prying eyes.


We get an adjustable airflow slider tab on the front of the device. The serrations here do help in making finer adjustments and its set up for either a MTL (Mouth To Lung) or RDL (Restrictive Direct Lung) vape. We tell you what these terms mean in our Guide To Vape Styles.

A type C USB charging port has been incorporated into the base of the device. So although the TH6000 is fully capable of standing on any surface, it won’t be while charging.

That could prove to be an issue as E-liquid volume decreases and parts of the cotton potentially dry when left in a horizontal position.

Mesh Coil

On the subject of cotton, the Binaries TH6000 uses Bamboo pulp for wicking material. With a 40% increase in absorbency – I’m expecting decent flavour.

The mesh coil has a resistance of 1.0ohm.


And now for something completely different..

The disposable not only includes a single battery strength LED indicator but a remaining E-liquid indicator too! That’s a world first as far as I’m concerned. I know of no other disposable to include such a feature.

It’s going to be interesting keeping an eye on that one.

Everything is held together by the AI chipset which is also responsible for tackling any safety issues the disposable may encounter.

As with most disposables the Binaries TH6000 relies entirely on auto draw to function.

It’s not known at this point if the device will come in salt nicotine strengths of anything other than 50mg (5%). The Binaries Cabin does so it may just be a matter of time.

There are 8 colour schemes on offer spanning a total of 30 different flavours. These include Fruits, Sweets, Dessert, Drinks and Tobacco profiles. A dash of ice has been included here and there.



On to checking these out for flavour, vapour and battery performance. It’s going to take a while to see if 6,000 puffs are feasible so please do check back for a future update.

I couldn’t source any flavour descriptions so I’m going in with a blind test on this trio.

Please remember that flavour is subjective. I can only tell you what I’m personally experiencing.

Cantaloupe Honeydew Watermelon Ice

In all fairness all I can pick out is a standard Watermelon flavour.

I’m very familiar with Honeydew melon (that’s my favourite type) and this contains none of the musky, cucumber blend I associate it with.

I was also expected a little more creaminess to the texture of the vape but that’s been replaced with a synthetic, artificial taste.

This is the most common replication of Watermelon in a vape device. It’s by no means poor quality and the flavour does zip along but the profile doesn’t offer me anything new.

What I will say is that the Koolada works its magic with this fruit. It’s not too overpowering but try not to chain vape. It has a habit of building up on you.

Lemon Cotton Candy

Impressive, if a little excessive on the sweetness.

I wouldn’t say this is a true representation of Candy Floss, though. Yes the sweetness is there but there are just too many accents of the fruit.

Having said that, the Lemon is incredibly well done. In this case you have to imagine it without the bitter, acidic notes.

It’s a very smooth inhale and I’m also reminded of a Lemon curd – blame that on the sweetness if you like.

So Lemon Cotton Candy falls in the cracks between a dessert and sweet based E-liquid flavour.

That’ll do nicely for me!

Strawberry Cookies

Most definitely a dessert based flavour if ever I tried one.

The Strawberry content simply pops along. It’s very rich, very creamy – just how I like my dessert profiles.

There are bakery elements present but as always with low powered disposables, they aren’t able to perform to a desired level.

More power is needed to create the warmth and texture needed and you simply won’t get that from a 1.0ohm MTL coil – mesh or not.

Still, the blend of bakery and Strawberry is passable and as a whole just about works for a Cookie style vape.

I must also say the sweetness levels are pitched about right, adding a layer of sugar to that cookie.

For a disposable, Strawberry Cookie isn’t a bad dessert vape.

Battery performance and Number of Puffs

Patience is a virtue! I’m working my way through 12ml of E-liquid! As soon as I have more details I’ll update here. So please do pop back soon(ish)..

I’ve managed 7.5 hours from the factory charge. It took 2 hours to drop to mid strength (Blue LED) and a further 4 before switching to the Red LED.

When the LED turns Red you’ll get another 90 minutes before needing to recharge the battery.

It takes 50 minutes for the LED to change from a pulsing Red to Green when recharging (for some reason the Blue LED is not used to monitor charge status) and it takes a further 30 minutes to complete.

The device will simply switch off when the battery is topped up. It’s not possible to vape while it’s being charged.

UPDATE: In total I got 38.5 hours use from the device. I recharged the battery four times and each time it lasted for 11.5 hours.

It took 16 hours for the Green E-liquid Level LED to switch to Blue. Then a further 7.5 hours to turn from Blue to Red.

Don’t be fooled when the E-liquid level reads Red (low). I still managed another 15 hours use.

However, under my usual vaping habits and doing a little math I have to suggest that 4,000 puffs is nearer the mark.

Final Review verdict

The flavours aren’t too bad at all. As usual with disposables the sweetener plays a pivotal role but in the three I’ve tested thus far, it hasn’t really been a niggling issue.

Neither is the cooling agent which usually cuts a hole in my tonsils.

Call me insane (You’re insane!) but I spent the majority of my time with the airflow set wide open employing a RDL vape..

Let’s just say I’ve become acclimatised to 50mg salt nicotine.

So I can also say that vapour production is also quite dense and satisfying.

If you’re more inclined to MTL vape the option is there too, obviously and it only takes a slight nudge of the airflow slider to find the setting.

You can even close the slider completely for a tight MTL vape and you won’t be bothering all the anti vapers with your wispy thin cloud production.

The auto draw is super sensitive and the LED’s are bright enough to view in direct sunlight.

I may not be a fan of the design but when it comes to performance the Horizontech Binaries TH6000 delivers the goods.